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Website Disclaimer

Welcome to WLNS, your dedicated hub for comprehensive wellness information and resources. As you peruse our offerings, please take note of the following guidelines:

  1. Medical Disclaimer Information: The health-related information available on this website is intended for informational purposes only, aiming to enhance potential client knowledge. It is not designed to act as a diagnosis, treatment, or a substitute for professional medical advice. Although Dr. Rad is a seasoned physician, he is not serving as your personal doctor through this platform.
  2. Consultation Recommendation: Before considering any medications or treatments discussed on this website, we strongly recommend and advise that you seek a full consultation with us or another licensed and qualified physician. A thorough physical and blood evaluation can provide a complete picture of your health status and guide informed decisions.
  3. Accuracy of Information: Our commitment is to provide accurate and current information. However, we cannot guarantee the absolute correctness of all materials published on our site. We encourage readers to approach our content with a critical and discerning mindset, given the dynamic and evolving nature of the fields of health and wellness.
  4. Imagery: Please note that the images featured on our website are for illustrative purposes only, aiming to enhance the user experience. These images, which may be stock photos or depict models, are not representations of actual patients or product users, and should not be perceived as endorsements or testimonials.
  5. Product Claims & Efficacy: Before initiating any product or treatment mentioned on this site, it is necessary to consult with a licensed and qualified physician. The effectiveness of these products can vary between individuals, and a prescription may be required where appropriate.
  6. Responsibility: By utilizing this website, you acknowledge your role in making informed health decisions. Dr. Rad and the WLNS brand are not liable for any health-related decisions made based on the information available here.

We appreciate your engagement with WLNS as we foster a community grounded in holistic wellness and informed choices. Thank you for being a vital member of the WLNS community.