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Article: Subcutaneous NAD+ Administration: Is it the Future of Longevity?

Subcutaneous NAD+ Administration: Is it the Future of Longevity?

Subcutaneous NAD+ Administration: Is it the Future of Longevity?

While oral supplements have long dominated the NAD+ market, subcutaneous administration is emerging as a promising alternative. This blog will deep dive into the science behind subcutaneous NAD+ injections, exploring their efficacy, safety, and potential benefits for longevity.

What is Subcutaneous Administration?

Subcutaneous administration involves injecting a substance just under the skin, allowing for slow, sustained absorption into the bloodstream. This method is already popular for several medications, including insulin.

Why Choose Subcutaneous?

Enhanced Bioavailability

Unlike oral NAD+ precursors that must first pass through the digestive system, subcutaneous NAD+ goes directly into the bloodstream, ensuring higher bioavailability.

Controlled Release

The slow, steady release allows for a more prolonged effect, which could be advantageous for cellular functions requiring sustained NAD+ levels.

Studies Supporting Subcutaneous NAD+

Animal Research

Rodent studies have shown that subcutaneously administered NAD+ results in elevated NAD+ levels across various tissues, potentially offering anti-aging benefits.

Preliminary Human Trials

Limited human studies have started exploring the impact of subcutaneous NAD+ administration, with early results indicating a favorable safety profile and bioavailability.

Safety Concerns

Proper Dosing

Understanding the correct dosage is crucial to avoid potential side effects, which can range from local irritation to more severe systemic reactions.

Clinical Oversight

Given the lack of long-term human studies, it's essential that any subcutaneous NAD+ treatment be supervised by healthcare professionals.


Subcutaneous NAD+ administration offers an intriguing alternative to oral supplementation, particularly regarding bioavailability and sustained release. While current research is promising, more extensive human trials are needed to establish its long-term safety and efficacy fully.



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