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Article: Alcohol and Calories: Choosing Smarter Holiday Spirits

Alcohol and Calories: Choosing Smarter Holiday Spirits

Alcohol and Calories: Choosing Smarter Holiday Spirits

The holiday season is often a time for toasting to health, happiness, and the joy of shared moments. However, for those conscious about weight management and overall wellness, navigating the array of alcoholic beverages at holiday events can be a challenge. At WLNS, we understand the importance of making informed choices without compromising the spirit of celebration. This comprehensive guide will delve into how to enjoy holiday spirits smartly, ensuring you can raise your glass without overdoing the calories.

The Caloric Content of Popular Holiday Drinks

Holiday beverages, especially alcoholic ones, can be surprisingly high in calories. Let’s break down some popular choices:

  • Eggnog: This creamy holiday staple can pack over 200 calories in just one cup, even before adding alcohol.
  • Mulled Wine: A warm, spiced favorite, but the added sugar can push it to around 200-250 calories per serving.
  • Beer: Depending on the type, a pint of beer can range from 150 to 300 calories.
  • Cocktails: Many holiday cocktails are made with sugary syrups, sodas, or creams, making them high-calorie options, often exceeding 200 calories per drink.

Understanding the caloric impact of these drinks is crucial for making smarter choices.

Choosing Lower-Calorie Alternatives

Wine and Champagne

A glass of wine or champagne can be a lower-calorie option. A standard serving of wine (about 5 ounces) typically contains about 120-130 calories, and champagne can be even lower.

Light Beer

Opt for light beers if you prefer beer. These usually contain fewer calories than regular beers, often around 100 calories per bottle.

Spirits with Low-Calorie Mixers

If you enjoy spirits, mix them with low-calorie options like club soda, tonic water, or a squeeze of lime or lemon. This can significantly reduce the calorie count compared to traditional mixers.

Tips for Smarter Drinking

Set a Limit

Decide in advance how many drinks you’ll have. This helps in managing your calorie intake and also ensures you drink responsibly.


Alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. This will help you stay hydrated, pace your drinking, and reduce overall alcohol consumption.

Avoid Drinking on an Empty Stomach

Eating a healthy meal before drinking can reduce the impact of alcohol and help you avoid mindless snacking on high-calorie party foods.

Be Mindful of Portion Sizes

Be aware of how much is being poured. Cocktails and wines served at parties often exceed the standard serving sizes.

Savor Your Drink

Drink slowly and savor the flavors. This not only enhances the enjoyment of your beverage but also reduces the likelihood of excessive drinking.

Alcohol and Overall Wellness

While focusing on calories is important, it’s also essential to consider the broader impact of alcohol on your health and wellness. Alcohol can affect sleep quality, mood, and even next-day eating choices. Moderation is key.


Enjoying the festive spirit of the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to forego your wellness goals. By making informed choices about alcoholic beverages, setting personal limits, and prioritizing hydration and moderation, you can partake in the cheer without compromising your health. Remember, at WLNS, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness — balancing enjoyment with mindful choices for a healthier, happier holiday season.



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